News 27.09.2013 

Watch_Dogs Takes Two Disks for Xbox 360

Watch_Dogs is a cross generational game being released on not just the current systems but also the systems that are due to be released during the holiday seasons. Ubisoft has been savvy about developing for all systems equally so that players have the same player experience while engaging in the world however there are limitations […]

News 26.09.2013 

Watch_Dogs can be Played Standing Still

It’s no secret that world of Chicago that Ubisoft has created for Watch_Dogs is a massive place but what does that really mean? Jonathan Morin has spoken up about that, “One thing I wanted to promote with Watch Dogs was density, a lot more than scale. We have a big city but one thing a […]

News 25.09.2013 

Watch_Dogs to Run at 30 FPS

The specs of a new game are always of interest especially when working on a new system. When releasing a game on the current generation of systems, it’s pretty clear to everyone involved what the outside limits are of the machine, after all, they’ve been using them for years. By the end of a system’s […]

News 22.09.2013 

Watch_Dogs at Tokyo Games Show

Ubisoft released a few new videos for Tokyo Games Show of their newest IP Watch_Dogs. The company has been releasing bits and pieces of the game but there has been a very limited amount of gameplay featured or of different cut scenes. Most of the images that are focused around the same motifs. But the […]

News 20.09.2013 
WatchDogs_Takedown Cop DroppingDoor

Watch_Dogs Part of PlayStation Digital Upgrade Program

When a system is changing from one generation to the next, there are a ton of great games that fall into the crack between the two generations. Not to mention that many players find that this is a time that they switch systems completely meaning that they must choose wisely when picking when and which […]